1. About Wish

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Wish spends hundreds of millions a year on advertising online. We'd rather spend our money partnering with you.

How It Works

When a new user users your promo code to make their 1st purchase, you receive a $5 referral bonus. You also receive a 2% commission on the purchases that buyer makes throughout their first year.

Pricing FAQ

How do I get paid? And how often?

Wish Promoters get their earnings & referral bonuses sent directly to their registered PayPal account once a month.

What is the Referral Bonus?

Once your referral makes their first purchase using your code, you receive a $5 Referral Bonus. In the Dashboard, you will see the amount of Referral Bonuses you have earned per day.

What are Estimated Earnings?

Estimated Earnings are the 2% commission you've earned from your referral's first year purchases. In the Dashboard, you will see your Estimated Earnings amount per day.

What does "Pending" status mean?

Wish has a 30-day return policy. To prevent fraud, your 2% commission does not get confirmed until your buyers' purchases have passed the 30-day return window.

What does "Confirmed" status mean?

Confirmed means that the purchases which earned you 2% commission have finalized and are passed the 30-day return policy.